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Welcome to the website of STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization, a campaign for the depathologization of trans identities.

The main goals of the Campaign are  the removal of the categories of “gender dysphoria” / “gender identity disorders” from the diagnosis manuals (DSM of the American Psychiatric Association and ICD of the World Health Organization), as well as the fight for trans health rights. To facilitate public coverage of trans-specific health care, STP proposes the inclusion of a non-pathologizing mention in the ICD-11.

This website aims to visibilize the objectives, manifestos and actions of this Campaign, as well as the list of collective and individual supporters.

Since 2009, each month of October, the Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization calls an International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization, with simultaneous demonstrations and other activities in cities all over the world.

In October 2014, more than 90 actions for trans depathologization took place in 45 cities worldwide, corodinated by 108 groups and organizations within the STP Call for Action.

Furthermore, at the moment (October 2014), the Campaign counts on the support of more than 390 activism groups, organizations and networks from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania.

Apart from the annual call for action in October, during the year STP carries out information, networking and lobbying activities for trans depathologization.

If you want to join the Campaign and start organizing an action in your city, or for any doubt, question, support, joining, encouraging or helping, please write to or

The fight must go on!




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STP 2012 publishes the English and Portuguese versions of its Communiqué titled “Reflections on Trans Depathologization and Health Rights”

STP 2012 participated in the Seminar “Dialogue on Increasing Access to Health Care for Transgender Communities”, Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP), Open Society Foundations

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Best Practices Guide to Trans Health Care in the National Health System

Guía de Buenas Prácticas para la Atención Sanitaria a Personas Trans en el Marco del Sistema Nacional de Salud

Press Release December 1, 2010: English Version of Best Practice Guide for Trans Health Care Published

STP 2012 at the Trans Remembrance Conference, Ankara

Nota de Prensa 22 de octubre de 2010: Octubre Trans 2010: Más de 60 ciudades en el mundo se manifestarán este sábado por la despatologización de las identidades trans

Press Release October 17, 2010:  The Spanish Network for Depathologization of Trans Identities Proposes a New Health Care Model

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International Demonstration of Trans-Intersex Struggle

El género desordenado

Presentation of the book: “El género desordenado: Críticas en torno a la patologización de la transexualidad”, Miquel Missé and Gerard Coll-Planas (eds), Egales

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